The Arrival Of Lust

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut, plain and simple. One woman, two men and a mysterious cloud with strange powers. 

Includes M/F/M in public, rough oral, spitroast, ‘money shots’.

The bright, hot sun glinted off the water spilling from the fountain which marked the center of the park. Brenna held up her hand to shield her eyes, digging in her purse with the other for her sunglasses. Sitting in the shade, she hadn’t thought she would need them. The little park in the center of town had long been her favorite place for lunch, or just to escape for a bit. The people watching was superb, a bonus in her book.

Nibbling absently at her food, she admired the variety of people walking past. Some were just passing through, others picking a bench for their lunch or spreading a blanket on the grass to read. There were men and women in office attire, contractors from the building renovation down the block, college students not much younger than herself, joggers and cyclists. A perfectly normal, beautiful day in the small city of Silverspell.

Silverspell was a quiet little place, barely big enough to be called a city but not so small that everybody knew everyone else’s business. Nothing much exciting ever happened. This was even more painfully obvious to Brenna upon her return from college. Sometimes, the peace and quiet was nice. Other times, she felt trapped, stifled. But the only job she could find right after graduation was there, and so she stayed.

On this particular day, however, everything was about to change. As she sat there, nibbling and watching, Brenna noticed something out of the ordinary and completely inexplicable. Despite the heat of the day, a fog began to rise from the fountain. At first, she thought it was the spray, the fine mist caused by a breeze that she’d seen so many times. However, as she watched, the fog became dense, cloud-like, obscuring the statue at the top, a stone woman in a skin-tight toga, a stream of water spilling from the urn in her arms.

Brenna was completely mesmerized.

She watched as the cloud formed and began to swirl, moving as though it were alive, sentient. Drawing itself tighter around the statue, rising upwards almost into a point as it did before arching and slithering down towards the ground. Undulating across the pavement, Brenna couldn’t help thinking it resembled the movement of lovers bodies in a passionate embrace.

She laughed at herself for the thought. It wasn’t like her, not usually. Caught up in wondering where such a thought came from, she didn’t notice the cloud moving directly towards her until she felt something cool on her ankles.

Glancing down, Brenna gasped. A tendril of the cloud twirled itself around one ankle, then the other, the rest of the cloud close behind. She couldn’t do anything but stare as it slithered up her long, bare, sun-kissed legs. The carrot stick in her hand fell away and a strange sensation began to overtake her.

Tingling at first, when the cloud reached her hips and nearly obscured her denim mini skirt, there was an undeniable throbbing between her legs. Her breath quickened, Brenna realizing the further up her body the cloud came, the more aroused she was becoming!

Her hands gripped the edge of the bench, her breathing ragged and the cloud climbing ever higher. Her nipples tightened, straining against the bikini top she’d chosen to wear as a bra that day. Through that and the thin, white material of her fitted t-shirt, they were obvious to anyone who happened to look her way. Her legs parted, her arousal soaking through her thin, lace panties, small moans and gasps escaping her lips.

Unable to focus on anything but the sensations overpowering her body, Brenna didn’t see another tendril of the cloud reaching out for its next targets. Her eyes opened when she felt a hand on her wrist, looking up to see a very attractive man not much older than herself. His suit jacket lay discarded on the bench next to her and his hand was insistently tugging her upward. Brenna had no desire to fight him.

In fact, despite having no idea who this handsome stranger was, she wanted him. No, needed him. More than she could ever remember needing anyone. The moment she was on her feet, their lips collided in a hot, desperate kiss. Through his pants, she could feel his erection pressing against her when he grabbed her ass to pull her closer.

“I’m Alex.” He gasped, lips trailing down her neck.

“Brenna.” She moaned in reply, fingers fumbling with his tie.

“I…I have no idea what’s happening.”

“Me neither, but – ohh, god – please, don’t stop!”

“I won’t. I can’t.”

“Me neither.”

In one swift move, he pulled her shirt over her head, discarding his own shirt and the tie with it as well. Brenna ran her hands over his tanned chest, tracing his muscles. He dug his fingers into her hips and pulled her hard against him, crushing her hips with another hungry kiss. There, in broad daylight, in front of anyone who happened to walk by, they were helpless to this intense, sudden desire – and neither of them cared.

Alex had just slid Brenna’s skirt off when suddenly, she felt a pair of hands on her breasts from behind. She let out a small yelp of surprise, followed by a low moan as the hands pulled her bikini top aside and began fondling her. Rough denim pressed against her backside, calloused fingers rolled her aching nipples between them and she had the brief thought that it must be one of the construction workers.

When he nudged her long, chestnut hair out of the way and his lips made contact with her shoulder, any clear thought became impossible. Reaching behind her, Brenna sought out and found the buckle of his belt and with some effort managed to release it. That was all Jack needed to unzip his pants, her hand quickly slipping inside to pull out his impressive erection. Alex soon followed suit, Brenna taking one man in each hand and stroking them.

Sinking to her knees, Brenna looked up at the two men with lust burning in her eyes for a moment before running her tongue over the tip of Alex’s cock. She could see people watching them, people she knew and she didn’t care. If anything, knowing she had an audience only turned her on more. She alternated between the two men, wetting their cocks with her tongue before wrapping her plump lips around one of them.

Taking first Jack into her mouth as far as she could, then Alex, Brenna moaned. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a cock in her mouth, and two was a completely new and glorious experience. They stepped closer to make it easier for her, Jack reaching down to take a fist full of her hair in his hand and receiving a loud moan in response.
Back and forth she went, savoring the feel of their cocks as they slid in and out of her mouth. At one point, when she had Jack’s cock almost to her throat, he grabbed her by the head and forced her down on it. She gagged, but the throbbing of her clit and nipples intensified painfully.

“Did you like that?” Jack asked, pulling her head away from his groin and grinning at her.

“Uh huh!” She replied, nodding and wiping her mouth.

“My turn.”

Alex grabbed her by the head and slowly slid his cock into her mouth, pressing until her nose met his pelvis rather than shoving it in all at once. Brenna gagged and sputtered, loving every moment of it. No one had ever taken her this way, and she couldn’t get enough. Having her mouth and throat so filled with their long, thick cocks became all she could think about. They took turns making her gag on their cocks, reveling in how much she was enjoying it. When one of her hands went between her legs in an attempt to get relief from the throbbing there, however, Alex pulled her to her feet.

“Nah, you don’t want your fingers in there, do you? Not really.”

“No, I want your cocks!” She moaned, beginning to stroke them again.

With a hand on the small of her back, Alex pushed Brenna towards the bench. No more prodding needed, she turned and knelt on it, leaning over with the back of the bench resting just below her small, pert breasts. Standing in front of her, Jack alternated between rolling and tugging on her swollen nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through her.

She glanced back over her shoulder at Alex, spreading her legs and wiggling her ass in invitation. Alex hooked his fingers into her panties and yanked them down to reveal her soaked, aching pussy. Sliding the swollen, purple head of his large cock along her slit, he said,
“You want this? You want me to put it in your pussy?”

“God, yes, please!”

Alex grinned, positioning himself at her entrance and sinking in bit by bit until Brenna felt filled to bursting. Slowly, he began to stroke his gloriously hard cock in and out of her dripping core, his fingers digging into her thighs and leaving small red marks. Jack’s exploration of her breasts continued, gradually moving from gentle to rough. He pinched the swollen nubs in unison and she let out a sound that was half yelp, half moan.

Gripping each between two fingers, Jack pulled steadily downward until her mouth opened wide in a pained moan. Taking advantage of this, Jack thrust his cock into her mouth once more, releasing her nipples and gathering a fistful of her silky hair. The sensation of two large, throbbing cocks inside her at once was heavenly, their thrusts matching one another after a few minutes.

Brenna could do nothing but take them; not that she wanted anything else right that moment. She moved to spread her legs further for balance, forgetting her panties were almost at her knees until she felt the material digging into her flesh. They only lasted a brief moment before the lace gave way, the torn fabric falling to the bench below her.

Her moans were passionate and loud, whenever Jack’s cock wasn’t silencing them. Every time he pulled his cock out of her mouth to let her breath for a moment, all she could think about was having it filling her again. Alex, on the other hand, kept himself well buried in her wetness, never pulling out completely as the speed of his thrusts increased. She’d never been so full. Brenna pressed back against him, savoring the sensation of the head of his cock pressed against the deepest parts of her.

She didn’t want it to end, ever.

The sun beat down on her arched back, sweat covering her body as the two gorgeous men took her however they pleased. A crowd gathered, both stunned and mesmerized, yet the trio didn’t care. In fact, being bent over a bench completely naked save for her bikini top pulled to the side, her body on display to a crowd as two men she’d never met before plunged their cocks into her mouth and pussy brought Brenna to the edge.

Using one hand to support herself, she furiously rubbed her clit with the other. When the first orgasm hit, tearing through her with a frightening intensity, Brenna screamed her pleasure. When normally her hand would have fallen away, this time she couldn’t stop.
The harder they thrust into her body, the harder she came, one orgasm rolling into the next.

Brenna writhed and twitched, losing what little control over her body she had as pleasure consumed her. Above her, the two men grunted and moaned, Jack’s hand never releasing her hair. By this time, she was taking his thrusts into her mouth with ease, relishing the feeling of his length pressing into her throat.

“Oh, god, here it comes!” Jack growled, both hands on the back of her head, her nose pressed hard against his jeans.

His cock twitched, emptying his load into her willing and eager body. Brenna’s eyes watered, her chest ached and still he held her head firm. Behind her, Alex’s pace increased, every thrust pressing her nose harder against Jack’s pelvis until he finally released her. Stumbling backward, his cock popped out of her mouth just as the last spurt escaped, splattering across her face.

Able to breath again, Brenna gulped air. She felt his stickiness on her face, but she didn’t care. Oxygen flooding her body, the most intense orgasm yet ripped through her.

“I can’t…I can’t stop! Oh god! I’m sorry!” Alex groaned, pounding his cock into her hard enough to nearly topple the bench.

“Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!”

“But I’m gonna…”

Alex pulled out just in time, one hot spurt after another landing on her ass, her back, even her head. Brenna moaned, filling herself with her fingers as he coated her with his load. When he finished, Alex stared at her for several long minutes before tucking his cock back in his pants, picking up his suit jacket and briefcase and slowly wandering off. Jack had already vanished.

Dazed, Brenna collected her skirt and t-shirt, tugging the bikini top back over her breasts, her nipples still aching furiously. She pulled on her skirt and top, Alex’s cum soaking through the material and leaving it clinging to her skin.

Her lunch forgotten, Brenna began walking in the direction of home as the crowd dissipated. The further from the park she got, the more her mind cleared, replaying everything in vivid detail. She knew she should care. It was wrong, getting fucked like that in public. But she didn’t. Not now, at least. She couldn’t help wondering how that strange cloud managed to cause all of it – and if she would encounter it again.

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The Arrival Of Lust