Rose Petals & Paddles

I know, I know, you’re expecting some awesome, kink-packed story. If you’ve been to my Erotica and Erotic Romance section, you’ll know I’m still working diligently to get content up. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the pages totally blank. 

Some folks believe romance and BDSM don’t mix, even some within the BDSM community. If you’re the sort who prefers to keep romance out of your kink, more power to you! For those of you who, like myself, believe the two can and do mix, this section will display romance stories involving kink couples. Not the super sexy fun time, but the sweet moments, the budding love, finding a partner who truly accepts them, and the healing effect a healthy BDSM relationship can have.

If you’re looking for what happens after the toys come out, you’ll want to check out my BDSM Erotica Section