Sharon’s Subbie Hubby 3 – Denied

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut. Taking full control, Sharon uses her husband’s cock for her own pleasure, riding him to one intense orgasm after another. Just when he can’t hold on any longer, she reveals it will be a long time til he gets one of his own!

Includes F/M, FemDom, S&M, Oral, Fingering, Orgasm Denial

The cloud rose around the table where Sharon lay, still panting and twitching. Tendrils traced across Bret’s body, bringing him dangerously close to disobeying her, to taking his throbbing need into his own hands. The clips holding his nipples captive ceased to hurt, though he suspected that wouldn’t be the case when she finally removed them. After a little while, Sharon’s breathing returned to normal and she was finally able to sit up, grinning down at her husband.

“Very good boy, Bret. Your tongue and fingers are very talented. But you know what I want now?”

“What’s that, Ma’am?”

“That big, hard cock.”

A look of relief came over his face and Sharon cackled.

“Oh, don’t think that means I’m going to let you come. No, not yet. Not until I say so. Just because I want your cock in my pussy doesn’t mean you get an orgasm. Naughty boys who jerk off thinking about the boss’s secretary don’t get to come.”

Bret whimpered. Sharon laughed again, a wicked thought coming to her. She’d read something about how to keep a man from ejaculating in a magazine and this was the perfect time to test it out. Pulling the ever-present hair tie from her wrist, she ordered him to stand with his hands behind his head once more.

Sitting all the way up, Sharon took his cock in her hand, stroking him gently, taking great pleasure in the pained look on his face. Sharon doubled the hair tie over and, stretching it as far as she could, slid it down to the base of his erection before letting go. Bret yelped at the sudden tightness.

“There. That will have to do for now, until I can get something better.”

She hadn’t thought it possible, but his cock was growing harder right before her eyes, the tip a deep, almost purple color, dripping with his need. Her clit throbbed at the sight of it, but she wasn’t ready just yet. Without warning, she reached up and slapped both clips from his nipples at the same time. Bret cried out, collapsing to his knees from the sudden onslaught of pain.

“Aww, looks like you’re getting used to being on your knees, dear. Good thing, too, as that’s your place now when you’re at home. Now, be a good boy and lay down on your back. Keep your hands where they are.”

Bret obeyed, his nipples still screaming in pain and his cock aching worse by the second. Sharon slid from her perch on the table and sank to the floor, reaching out to trace one fingernail over his length. Bret let out a shuddering moan. Sharon crawled towards him, her hips swaying seductively. Unable to wait any longer, Sharon positioned her dripping core over the tip of his engorged cock and as slowly as she could, slid down it, gasping with delight. She’d never felt him so hard, so big, filling her completely. It was heavenly.

“How does that feel, dear? Hmm?”

“So good, Ma’am! Fuck, your pussy feel perfect!”

“Right answer.”

Sharon leaned forward, pressing her breasts against his chest, her lips inches from his.

“Now I’m going to ride this nice, big, hard cock of yours until I’m satisfied. If you come, you will be punished severely. If you feel like you’re getting too close, you are to tell me. Do you understand, Bret?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He hissed through clenched teeth.

“Good boy.”

Leaning in the rest of the way to kiss her husband, Sharon began moving her hips, sliding up and down his pulsing length and moaning into the kiss. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him. Sitting up, Sharon pulled the apron between her breasts, taking them in her hands and playing with her nipples.

She slid all the way up, til only the tip of his cock remained inside her before slamming down on him, moaning loudly. Bret bit his lip and tried desperately to control his breathing. Several times, Sharon repeated this move until her own desire won out. Leaning forward and bracing herself on her hands to either side of him, Sharon’s hips began to move in earnest, picking up speed with each thrust.

“God, yes! Fuck, that cock feels good!” She moaned, reaching between her legs with one hand to rub her clit. “You’d better not be too close, because I’m about to come!”

Bret squeezed his eyes shut, breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth. Sharon could tell he was struggling, deciding this time she’d allow him to close his eyes if that would keep him from climaxing. Besides, her own was so close. In seconds, she was screaming, her pussy pulsing around his erection as the orgasm hit hard. It had been far too long since she climaxed with him – or any man – inside of her. When the first orgasm subsided, she took pity on him for a moment and climbed off, turning around and aiming her dripping core at his mouth.

“If I’m going to give your cock a break, you’d best put your mouth to work.” She ordered, laying across his chest.

Bret said nothing, only reached up to spread her, quickly filling her with three fingers as his tongue went to work on her clit.

“Good boy. Ohhh, very good boy!” Sharon moaned.

Testing another trick she’d read about, Sharon reached down and wrapped her fingers around his balls where they met his body and tugged downward. Bret groaned into her folds and she chuckled. Sharon held them that way, making sure not to touch his cock in any way, until he brought her to yet another intense orgasm with his tongue. Moving away and turning to face him again, she filled herself once more with his erection.

“This big, hard cock is my personal toy now, Bret, a toy to be used for my pleasure whenever I want. It feels so good, all nice and hard.” Sharon cooed, her hips rising and falling at a steady pace. “I bet you want to come, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Bret gasped.

“Too bad you spent all that time jerking off, then.”

Bret whimpered, Sharon smiling at the pitiful noise. Closing her eyes, she pictured the girl from the office straddling him, sliding her tight, young pussy down his huge cock while Sharon straddled his mouth. Just the thought of forcing him to pleasure her while denying him orgasm as he finally got to fuck the girl of his fantasies was enough to send her over the edge yet again. Sharon’s hand rubbed furiously at her clit, the orgasm tearing through her. Her mind went to ordering him not to come no matter what the girl did, to hearing his muffled, desperate moans as he fought off climax. One orgasm barely ended before the next began.

“Please, Ma’am, I’m…I’m so close!” Bret sputtered.

Not stopping the movement of her hips, Sharon reached behind her, grabbed his balls and tugged them away from his body.

“Do. Not. Come.” She ordered, panting.

“Your pussy just feels so fucking good!” Bret groaned, opening his eyes to look up at his wife. “You’re so fucking hot taking control like this!

“Mmm, do you like being my personal fuck toy like this?”

“Oh, god, yes Ma’am!”

“I’m very glad to hear that. I wanna hear you say it while I use this cock to get myself off!”

Sharon let go of his balls and began rubbing her clit again, her eyes locked on his face.

“I love you using me as your personal fuck toy, Ma’am! I love being made to eat your sweet pussy whenever you want! Ahh, god, Sharon, I love feeling you come on my cock!”

Her cunt gripped him tight as she came yet again, his words egging her on.

“Good boy!” She panted.

“I love feeling you use my cock like a dildo, not letting me get off until you’re ready!”

“Good, because you’re not going to get to come for a very long time. Not until you bring home that little slut from the office.”

Bret’s protests were drowned out by her screams as the most intense orgasm yet exploded in every cell of her body. Sharon collapsed on top of him, gasping and shuddering, her pussy pulsing around him and driving him to the edge of forbidden release.

Tears forming in the corners of his eyes, Bret wiggled his hips just enough to slide his cock out of his barely conscious wife, wrapping his arms around her. Fighting back his orgasm, Bret simply held her as the cloud rose and slipped out the window, leaving them both panting on the floor.

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