The Boardroom Invasion 1

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut. The first part of Alex’s adventure at work. When the cloud slithers into a boardroom mid-meeting, inhibitions start to go out the window.

Includes M/M, M/F/M, M/F/F and solo heavy foreplay.

Alex stood at the edge of the park, staring up at his office building. He’d intended to get in ahead of the meeting, make sure everything was ready to go. Checking his watch told him he only had fifteen minutes now. Glancing back, the fountain barely visible in the distance, his eyes scanned the park for any trace of the mysterious cloud.

Thoughts of Brenna consumed his mind, no matter what he did to shake them. Her soft hands on his chest, the feel of her body pressed to his when they kissed. Her plump lips wrapped around his shaft as she took him deeper into her mouth. How she’d fucked him back in earnest while the other man plundered her mouth.

Girls like that didn’t exist in real life. In the porn he watched late at night, sure, but not in reality. Yet she’d been so eager, so enthusiastic – and soaking wet. He’d been cutting through the park from his apartment when he saw her sitting there, that strange fog swirling around her body.

Truth be told, his arousal began as soon as he noticed her erect nipples through her shirt. The fog hadn’t gotten to him at that point, or had it? He couldn’t tell. Shaking his head, Alex turned back towards the building, half jogging across the street. He cleaned up in the bathroom as best he could, barely making it to the boardroom on time.

Taking his seat to the left hand side of his boss’s chair, Alex opened his briefcase and sorted what he needed into neat stacks on the table. In the air conditioning of the room, he was finally able to focus on the task at hand. There would be plenty of time later to figure out what happened in the park.

His boss, Miranda, arrived just after him, an attractive woman in her late thirties. She was tall, with short, red hair, curves that should probably come with a warning sign and a seemingly endless collection of perfectly tailored suits.Her secretary scampered in right behind her.

In contrast, Bethany was a timid little thing, her long, blonde hair pulled into a tight bun and conservatively dressed in a plain, knee-length black skirt and white button up. Alex always thought Bethany was cute, though company policy forbid any fraternization between employees. Glancing up only long enough to greet them, Alex focused on the papers in front of him, trying to make up for lost time.

“Are you ready, Alex?” Miranda asked, shedding her sleek black jacket to reveal a gray silk blouse.

“Yes, ma’am, just going over things one last time.” He fibbed, smiling at her and hoping she didn’t see through him.

People filled in, taking their seats and talking amongst themselves as they set their materials on the table. Looking around the room, Alex was reminded of why he’d pursued a job at this firm. Most seemed to have nothing but stuffy old men at the helm, making all the big decisions, but not here. While there were only a couple of people at the meeting in their late twenties like him, he’d wager not a single one of them was older than forty-five.

Miranda calling the meeting to order pulled Alex from his thoughts.
“Let’s get started. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today, with so many big projects rolling in recently.” She looked around, smiling.

As the first of his colleagues started their discussion, movement in a corner of the room caught his attention. He’d never really noticed the air vent there, or had never paid attention to it. At first, Alex thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw subtle, wispy movement but when he looked directly at the vent, nothing. Bit by bit, the movement grew, Alex trying to ignore it, to stay focused on the meeting.

Unable to fight the urge to turn his head any longer, he looked over as casually as he could.

There, drifting in through the vent, was the same cloud he’d seen in the park.
The same cloud that led to him to his encounter with Brenna and the other man.
His cock twitched in his pants long before the cloud reached the table, memories of the park playing through his mind once more.

Alex watched as the cloud filled the corner of the room, wondering if anyone else had noticed it yet and if he should warn them. But when he tried to turn his head back, tried to speak, he found he couldn’t tear his eyes away. The cloud flattened itself to the ground, moving towards the table in ripples and quickly surrounding it. Alex heard the room go quiet.

The instant he felt the familiar cool feeling under the cuff of his pants, his cock raged to life, straining against his fly. He could barely believe his own arousal after the strength of his orgasm in the park. Then again, this wasn’t natural arousal. The cloud rose, engulfing each and every one of them in a rapidly increasing haze.

Across from him, Bethany’s pale cheeks flushed bright pink, her breathing noticeably faster. Next to her, one of their top lawyers Andrew, a clean-cut man with close-cropped black hair and olive skin in his early forties rubbed himself through his pants. Miranda’s nipples strained at the thin silk of her blouse as she squirmed in her seat. She watched, eyes like saucers, as one by one people gave into lust.

At the other end of the table, Miranda’s second-in-command pulled his assistant Nathaniel into his lap. Alex always thought there was some attraction between the two, despite company policy. Nathaniel straddled Anton, completely lost in a passionate kiss. Anton cupped his ass with one hand, squeezing and pulling him closer, the chair rocking with the slight movement of their hips. With the other, he reached into Nathaniel’s pants, pulling out and stroking his hardness as they kissed.

Next to him, Brandon and Zeke turned to Joscelin, the woman sitting between them. She was about Miranda’s age with curly brown hair, creamy, freckled skin and the largest breasts he’d ever seen in person. One of Zeke’s hands stroked her inner thigh, the other turning her head towards him for a kiss. Brandon brushed her hair aside, kissing and nibbling her neck as he quickly undid the buttons on her blouse.

Joscelin shrugged off the garment, exposing her heavy, round breasts encased in black lace sheer enough to see her deep pink nipples through. Her lips never left Zeke’s, her legs parting to allow his hand access, her hands searching for and finding their erections, rubbing them through their pants.

Alex’s eyes darted from person to person, taking it all in. Some small part of his mind still remained clear enough to be amazed by the scene unfolding before him. Moans and whimpers of unbridled desire began to fill the room, bits of clothing discarded where ever they happened to fall. His own cock ached to be touched, to be buried inside someone. He simply didn’t know who it would be yet.


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