The Boardroom Invasion 2

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut. Completely overtaken by the mysterious cloud, their meeting devolves into a wild, passionate orgy.

Includes M/F/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/F/F/M oral, deep-throat, light spanking, DP, anal.

The cloud swirled around the table, around each person, becoming transparent as it spread to feed off the lust emanating from the group. No one noticed, too lost in their own desire for one another.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Alex turned to discover Bethany had crawled across the table. On all fours, minus the hand beginning to stroke his neck, she stared at him. Her light brown eyes were filled with desire, her back arched, backside swaying seductively. To his side, he could see Miranda eying the girl’s surprisingly shapely bottom.

Her skirts were always so loose, no one ever really noticed she had a figure. Overcome with the urge to see her naked, Alex leapt to his feet, Bethany raising to sit on her heels. He fumbled with the buttons on her shirt for a moment before she shooed his hands away, making quick work of them herself and practically throwing the shirt across the room.

Wiggling out of her skirt, she revealed a matching pale blue bra and panties, the latter darkened by her arousal. They didn’t stay on long. Bethany was petite with porcelain skin, small, firm breasts and a perfectly rounded, heart-shaped backside. Sliding back onto her hands and knees, she reached out to tug at his belt buckle and then his fly, staring up at him as she did.

“You want that?” He asked as she pulled it out.

“Yesss!” She hissed.

Stepping closer, Alex pulled her hair loose from its bun, winding it around his hand. Bethany watched his cock, licking her lips, Alex keeping it just out of her reach to watch her squirm. Just as he pressed the tip against her soft lips, a loud smack echoed through the room, Bethany’s mouth open wide in a scream part pleasure, part pain.

She couldn’t look back to see who it was, Alex’s hand in her hair prevented that. He and Miranda exchanged wicked grins, the other woman running her hand over the pink mark on Bethany’s pale skin before giving the same treatment to the other cheek.
This time, however, her scream was muffled by Alex’s cock. The moment it slipped past her lips, she began sucking him hungrily, moaning around it.

Miranda rained swats down on her raised ass, each one causing her to jerk forward, taking a little more of his cock every time. When her skin was glowing deep pink, Miranda slid her fingers down over Bethany’s soaked slit, teasing her mercilessly. She gazed up at Alex pleadingly, unable to say anything with her mouth so full, the look only arousing him more.

At the other end of the table, Nathaniel had stripped completely and was sitting on the edge of the table with his legs over the arms of Anton’s chair. Scooting closer, Anton pulled Nathaniel’s head down to kiss him one more time before turning his attention to his cock. He stroked it tenderly until he couldn’t resist any longer.

Wrapping his thick lips around the tip, Anton moved slowly, taking it little by little to draw out the sweet torment. Hands on the table behind him to support himself, Nathaniel’s head rolled back and he let out a guttural moan. His hips took on a life of their own, rising and falling slightly until Anton pinned him by the thighs to keep him still.

Joscelin’s skirt was hiked up around her waist, exposing a garter belt, stockings and black lace panties. Brandon had removed her bra, turning her in the chair to face Zeke so he could fondle her from behind. He squeezed and tugged at her heavy breasts, capturing her nipples between his fingers now and then to tug or pinch. Every time he did, she moaned loudly against Zeke’s lips.

He rubbed one hand against her pussy through her panties, Joscelin grinding against him in desperation. Both of their cocks were out, Joscelin stroking Zeke’s, unable to reach Brandon’s from her new position. Across from them, Andrew pulled his cock out of his pants, slowly stroking himself as he watched the debauchery unfold.

Alex tugged slightly on Bethany’s hair, her moan sending little vibrations through his cock. He wound her hair tighter around his hand and her moaning deepened, her hips pressing back against Miranda’s hand. Her eyes watered, still pleading wordlessly for more. Holding her head still, Alex pulled his cock from her mouth, causing her to whimper pitifully.

“You want more?”

“Yes, please!”

“Lay on the table, head hanging off the edge. I’ll give you what you want.”

He released her hair and she quickly obeyed, mouth open wide and ready for him. He admired the view for a moment before sliding his aching cock between her soft, pink lips, moaning as the suction increased. Unable to resist Bethany with her legs splayed open across the table, Miranda stripped down to her white lace bra and boy shorts.

Settling herself between her secretary’s legs, she ran her tongue along the girl’s slit. Bethany arched, her moan cut short when Alex took advantage and slid his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. Bethany gagged as his cock filled her, but when he pulled back she grabbed him by the hips to stop him.

“Mmm, you want me to really fuck your mouth, don’t you?” He asked, pulling back just enough for her to answer.

“Uh huh!”

Without warning, Alex thrust the entirety of his length into her eager mouth, pumping like he was between her legs. Bethany gagged and sputtered, never letting go of his hips. Reaching down, he rolled her small, pink nipples between his fingers, gradually increasing the pressure.

Miranda spread Bethany open with her slender, well-manicured fingers, her tongue making circles around her clit before dipping down to slip inside. Sliding her tongue in and out of Bethany’s pussy, Miranda began rubbing her clit and in moments, she was convulsing on the table as an orgasm tore through her.

Moans from the other end of the room turned to staccato grunting, Nathaniel falling back onto the table as he exploded in Anton’s mouth. His hips, now free, bucked wildly, his hands clenched in tight fists at his side as his back arched with the powerful release. When he lay shuddering on the table, Anton stood, removing his cock from his pants.

With some coaxing, he maneuvered Nathaniel into the same position as Bethany, groaning as he pressed his cock into his assistant’s waiting mouth. Despite his recent orgasm, Nathaniel remained fully at attention. Anton resumed stroking Nathaniel’s cock as he began to thrust.

“You boys are wearing far too much.” Alex heard Joscelin’s sultry voice beside him.

Brandon and Zeke hurried to remove their clothing, tossing it every which way. Joscelin stood, turning Brandon so his buttocks rested on the edge of the table and pressing her hands flat on his chest.

“Lay down.” She murmured, kissing him before pushing him backwards.

“Oh, yes, ma’am!” Brandon grinned, laying down with his legs dangling over the edge.

Pulling off her panties, Joscelin climbed onto the table and straddled his large, hard cock, sliding the tip along her wetness before sinking down on it, moaning. Laying so her massive breasts were pressed to Brandon’s smooth chest, Joscelin reached back and spread her cheeks, looking over her shoulder at Zeke.

“Go on, baby. Put that fantastic cock in my ass. Don’t worry, I can take it.”

Wetting his cock first, Zeke replaced her hands with his, holding her spread and pressing the swollen, pulsing tip of his cock against her puckered hole. Brandon took Joscelin’s head in his hands, bringing her down to kiss her long and hard. As slow as he could manage, Zeke pushed until he was buried inside her ass. The kiss barely muffled the sounds of delight and pain coming from the woman now sandwiched between them.

“God damn, you two feel amazing!” She groaned, tearing her lips from Brandon’s.

Watching this whole thing unfold, the speed of Alex’s thrusts increased without him even knowing it. Miranda returned to teasing Bethany’s clit with her tongue, roughly shoving two fingers inside her at the same time. Pausing for a moment, Miranda looked back at Andrew.

“Go on, I know you want to.” She spread her legs, wiggling her ass at him. “Pick a hole, baby, I don’t care. I just need you to fuck me!”

On the other side of the large glass windows lining one wall of the first floor conference room, a crowd gathered. No one had thought to lower the window covers, leaving them and their activities completely exposed. If anyone noticed, they didn’t care. 

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