Pop Goes The Cherry 1

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut. Growing stronger, the cloud targets newly eighteen Hanna as she’s leaving the library. Will she make it home untouched, or succumb to lust on the bus?

Involves exhibitionism, female solo, M/F/M/M, oral, fingering.

Fueled by the copious energy of the lovers in the boardroom, the cloud traveled through the air ducts of the building and out into the dusky sky. This newly acquired strength allowed part of it to break off, both halves going in separate directions in search of the next unsuspecting soul.

Several blocks away, Hanna left the library and headed to the closest bus stop. Recently eighteen and not far from graduating high school, Hanna couldn’t wait to leave Silverspell and its never-ending dullness. Even the boys here were boring, at least to her and she could have her pick of any of them. Tall and tan with golden brown hair, a figure like a top-heavy hourglass and a razor-sharp wit, by her senior year she was sure every guy at school had asked her out at least once. None of them ever panned out.

Not bothering to remove her backpack, she sank onto the cool, metal bench to wait for the bus, hoping she hadn’t missed the last one. That happened more than she liked. Listening to her music, she stared off into the sky as the sun vanished below the horizon. Hanna felt something cool brush against the back of her neck, sending a tingling sensation coursing through her.

She whirled around to see where it came from but saw nothing. Shrugging it off, she turned her head in the direction the bus would come from, watching anxiously for the headlights. The same cool, almost breeze like feeling drifted across her ankles. This time when she looked, Hanna thought she saw a thin mist.

“I must be losing it from studying so much.” She muttered, rubbing her eyes.

The sensation returned, this time floating up her calves. She looked and saw the same mist, only denser. Hanna jumped up, expecting to escape the mist but it clung to her, followed her. As it moved up her legs, she felt her nipples pucker under her bra and a throbbing ache growing between her legs. She tugged her tight denim shorts down as far as she dared, hoping that would solve the problem.

The feelings continued to grow.

Just then, the bus pulled up, the middle-aged driver smiling at her when he opened the door. She took this route enough that he knew her by name, but she was in no mood to chat. Hanna scrambled on, nearly tripping on her way to her usual seat by the middle door. The mist trailed in behind her and when she sat, it swirled up her body.

It was as though someone was pressing against her mound through her shorts, brushing against her breasts, all just enough to tease. She tried everything she could to ignore it, and nothing worked. By the time the cloud engulfed her head, Hanna began to succumb to its powers.

Her left hand slid up over her flat stomach to her breasts, lightly squeezing them through her clothing while her right caressed her inner thighs. Even the slightest touch sent pleasure radiating through her like she’d never felt before, making her bolder. For several minutes, Hanna touched and fondled herself through the fabric, her soft moans and sighs attracting the attention of the other passengers.

Typically, no one paid attention to anyone else.

Not this time.

Frustrated with the dampened sensation, Hanna grabbed the edge of her tank-top and bra, yanking them down simultaneously to expose her large, firm breasts. One in each hand, she kneaded at them, eyes closing as the pleasure took over. She squirmed in her seat, the throbbing between her legs becoming impossible to ignore and her arousal starting to make a visible mark on the light blue denim.

One hand remaining on her breasts, the other slid down to the button on her shorts, popping it free and yanking down the zipper. In that moment, Hanna was thankful she never wore panties under such tight shorts. She wiggled out of them, leaving on her lower half only the sweatshirt that came loose from around her waist.

The bus lurched to a stop, but Hanna barely noticed. Sliding her fingers up and down, she marveled at how wet she was. The doors opened and Jack climbed on board, along with two of his co-workers. The three of them had grabbed dinner after work and decided taking a bus home was safer than driving.

Jack’s eyes were instantly drawn to Hanna and the barely visible mist surrounding her. He knew it was the same one from earlier in the park. No sooner had that dawned on him than he felt the familiar coolness on the back of his neck, his cock instantly at attention.

Maintaining some level of control, Jack forced himself to sit down, turning just in time to see the mist swirling around his friends as well. He tried to ignore it. They all did, at first. But as Hanna’s moans grew louder, they couldn’t help watching. She brought her fingers, glistening with her own juices, to her mouth and sucked them clean one by one as the other hand took its place between her legs. He could see how soaked she was from five feet away, smell her arousal in the air. Jack attempted to subtly adjust his aching erection – that was a mistake.

Hanna’s eyes fluttered open to see the three men staring at her, her gaze dancing along their muscles. Her lips spread into a wicked grin and she began to play to her audience. Propping one sneaker-clad foot on an empty seat, Hanna spread herself open with the fingers that had been teasing her clit, the other sliding down from her lips and across her breasts.

This was completely unlike her, but the feeling of freedom was as intoxicating as the pleasure, if not more. She didn’t care who saw. In fact, she wanted them to see. She wanted them unable to look away. She wanted them to desire her.

Jack’s attempt to situate himself so his erection wouldn’t be quite so painful backfired completely, leaving him unable to stop rubbing himself. Paul and Lawrence were having the exact same issue. One by one, the trio moved to seats closer to the show, Lawrence taking the one next to where her foot was. Jack unconsciously licked his lips, watching her fingers massage her pussy, bare save for a thin strip of blonde hair on her mound. Giving up on fighting, he pulled his cock from his jeans. Imagining his head between her legs, he stroked himself.

Lawrence was the next to give in, Hanna’s eyes widening when they landed on his massive erection. Overcome by the urge to be filled, she slid two fingers in as deep as they would go, moaning and biting her lower lip. For a moment, it was enough, but when the ache returned she couldn’t ignore it.

“You boys enjoying the show?” Her voice was sultry, eyes half-open.

“Oh yeah.” Jack replied, the others nodding their eager agreement.

She slipped her fingers out, bringing them to her mouth once more, making eye contact with each of them as she licked her hand clean. Standing, Hanna pulled her shirt and bra over her head, leaving only her sneakers and socks. The bus hit a pothole, causing her breasts to bounce. Hanna giggled, not something she did very often.

“You know, I couldn’t help noticing your nice, hard cocks.” Hanna moved towards Jack as she spoke.

“I couldn’t help noticing your soaking wet pussy.” He grinned at her.

“Yeah? What do you wanna do to my soaking wet pussy?”

Only inches away from him, Hanna fondled her breasts, leaning over slightly to give him a better view.

“Why don’t you sit down and I’ll show you?”

Hanna took a seat next to him on the first row facing the front of the bus. Jack slid from his seat to kneel between her legs, looping his arms behind her knees and pulling her hips to the edge.

“Spread it for me, gorgeous.” He murmured.

Hanna obeyed. Jack let out a low moan, lowering himself to circle her clit with his tongue. Hanna gasped, shuddering, and he chuckled. Wrapping his lips around her nub and begging to suck, Hanna felt an orgasm building quickly. Lawrence reached around from behind, brushing her hands from her breasts and fondling her himself. His dark skin made her look pale by comparison, a contrast Hanna was instantly fascinated by.

Across from them, Paul stood, reaching up for one of the straps to steady himself.
Hanna glanced at the erection bobbing mere inches from her face. She’d never been so close to one, yet all she could think about was having it inside her. Where it went, she didn’t care. Licking her lips, Hanna reached out to run her fingers along Paul’s length.

For a brief moment, her mind cleared and Hanna had the full realization that she was naked, on a bus, with one strange man devouring her soaked pussy, another fondling her firm breasts and a third whose cock she was about to take in her mouth. That alone nearly sent her over the edge. As the haze closed in on her mind again, Hanna knew she was helpless to her own desires.

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