Pop Goes The Cherry 2

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut. As the kissing cloud drains their inhibitions, Hanna’s desperate need to be filled overwhelms her. She never dreamed her first sexual encounter would be with more than one man, let alone in public!

Includes M/F/M/M, double penetration, oral, deep throat, swallowing

The fog of desire soon filled her mind once more, chasing away what was left of Hanna’s inhibitions. She reached out, wrapping her small, soft hand around Paul’s raging erection, savoring the feeling of it. He was hard as steel, yet the skin was soft and supple. Paul watched, grinning down at her and swaying slightly with the movement of the bus.

“Can I suck it?” Hanna asked quietly.

“Hell yes, you can!”

Paul closed what little gap remained between them. Without hesitation, Hanna took him in her mouth. Her lips pressed into him to hold his cock steady, she swirled her tongue around the tip, reveling in the taste of it, the feel of it. No more wondering, no more imagining, this was the real thing, and she was desperate for more. Between her legs, Jack spread her with one hand, sliding a finger from the other into her body. Hanna moaned around the cock her mouth, the sound rising to a squeal when Lawrence gave her nipples a sharp pinch.

Pleasure like she’d never known coursed through her like wildfire. Pressing a second finger into her, Jack returned his attention to her clit, circling it with his tongue before taking it between his lips to suckle. Every so often, he’d rake his teeth across the sensitive nub, causing Hanna to shudder with need. She could feel her muscles clenching around his fingers, wishing it was his cock instead. Increasing the speed of his hand, Jack finger-fucked her harder. Tension coiled inside of her, building rapidly until his insistent attentions hurtled her over the edge.

Hanna screamed her pleasure, though the sound was cut short by Paul thrusting his cock down her throat. She gagged hard, her eyes watering instantly yet when he pulled back a desperate emptiness overcame her. Catching her breath for a moment, Hanna opened her mouth wide, staring up at Paul who was all too happy to oblige. This time when she felt him slide down her throat, she couldn’t escape.

From behind her, Lawrence pressed one hand to her head, holding her down on Paul’s cock until she began to flail. When he pulled her head back, Hanna gulped air, coughing, fat tears rolling down her cheek from when her eyes watered.

“Do it again!” She gasped, her chest still heaving as she held her mouth open once more.

“What, make you gag on my cock?”

Hanna nodded enthusiastically.

“Hold on.” Jack interrupted.
Removing his fingers and wiping them on his jeans, he pulled Hanna to her feet, taking her seat.

“Go on, gorgeous, sit back down.”

Positioning herself over his lap with her back to him, Hanna lowered herself towards Jack with Lawrence’s arms under hers for support. When the first of his thickness parted her, she groaned loudly, holding herself still.

“What’s the matter? Too big for your tight pussy?” Paul chuckled.

“I’ve never..” She gasped, cheeks flushing deep pink. “But god, I want it!”

“Then let me help you.”

Looping his arms over her shoulders, Lawrence brought her down on Jack’s cock in one swift movement. Hanna screamed, her muscles clenching and causing Jack to groan. Lawrence returned to playing with her ample breasts. Jack brushed her hair out of the way, his lips trailing along her slender neck causing her to shiver. Paul moved to stand directly in front of her and when Jack ceased kissing her neck he grabbed her ponytail and held it firm. Hanna opened her mouth again and it was instantly filled to the brim with Paul’s thick cock.

“Fuck, you get even tighter when you’re gagging like that!” Jack exclaimed as her pussy clamped down on him.

Hanna couldn’t even moan in response, her eyes watering from Paul holding his length down her throat. At first Jack’s cock felt on the verge of splitting her open, but when the pain subsided the fullness that remained was incredible. Fighting to keep her eyes open, Hanna gazed up at Paul as he pulled his cock back to let her breath for a moment.

Lawrence tweaked and tugged at her nipples, engorged with her arousal and filled with an ache to be touched each time his fingers moved away. Paul slid himself back into her mouth and she braced herself for it hitting her throat again.

“That’s it. Just relax and let me push it all the way in.” He murmured. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Uh huh.” Hanna managed.

With her momentarily relaxed and unsuspecting from his words, Paul shoved his cock the rest of the way in one swift movement. Hanna’s eyes went wide, her pussy clamping down on Jack’s cock again. Gripping her hips, he urged her up and back down again until she began to ride him on her own. When Paul allowed her air again, Hanna moaned loudly, the friction of Jack’s long, thick cock inside her driving her towards the edge. She’d used toys and her hands in the past, but she’d never imagined the real thing would feel this divine.

As she lost herself to the pleasure of it, Paul began thrusting into her mouth and throat at a steady pace, only occasionally holding himself buried inside of her. She breathed and moaned when she could, her back arched, pressing her breasts into Lawrence’s hands. One of Jack’s hands found her clit and began to play with it, teasing at first, building up pressure bit by bit. Between Jack’s cock deep in her pussy and Paul’s long, slow strokes into her mouth, Hanna knew it wouldn’t be long. She moaned and whimpered, still gagging every time Paul filled her throat and finding herself becoming increasingly aroused by it.

“Why don’t you play with your clit, gorgeous. I wanna feel you fucking cum on my cock.” Jack growled in her ear, causing her to shudder.

Her fingers quickly went to work, her moans of ecstasy when she reached the peak garbled by Paul’s increasingly faster thrusts.

“Fuck yeah, I can feel that!”

Holding her hips above him, Jack thrust up into her pussy as she climaxed. When it subsided, he lowered her down until his entire length was inside of her.

“Why don’t we put her on her hands and knees. Might make things easier.” Jack suggested.

“What do you think of that?” Paul asked, pulling himself all the way out.

“Oh god, yes, that sounds wonderful!” Hanna replied with a grin, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

Lawrence picked up her sweatshirt and tossed it on the ground for her knees, Hanna hurrying to get into position. The feeling of emptiness when she stood was unbearable. She wanted, needed to be filled again as soon as possible and the men were happy to oblige. Kneeling behind her, Jack thrust into her waiting flesh hard and deep, Hanna wailing with pleasure. In front of her, Paul took her hair in his hand once more.

“Open wide, and keep it open. Since you’re so eager to get fucked, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

Hanna obeyed, his words sending shivers of anticipation through her. She’d seen videos of that sort of thing, but she’d never dreamed it would happen to her. Holding her head still, Paul pushed into her mouth and in minutes, his thrusts matched Jack’s from behind her. When one man’s cock slid out, the other slid in. The ecstasy consumed her, an orgasm ripping through her the instant Jack’s fingers landed on her clit again.

“Oh, god, you feel so good when you cum, baby! I could make you cum on my cock all night!” Jack moaned. “But I think I’m gonna cum too. I’m sorry, I can’t help it!”

When Hanna felt him begin to pull out, she pushed at Paul until he pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Don’t take it out, please!” She begged, looking over her shoulder at him.

“I have to, gorgeous.”

“No you don’t. Cum inside me, please! I don’t care, and I know you want to.”

She could see Jack wrestling with her words and, at the same time, she saw the cloud swirling around him once more.

“Please, just fuck me til you cum!” She begged again.

Without another word, Jack slammed into her, pumping fast and hard. Hanna turned back to Paul, holding her mouth open and receiving his cock quickly. Her breasts swinging below her from the intensity of their thrusts, Hanna surrendered her body to their movements, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“You wanted me to cum inside you, gorgeous, so here you go!” Jack grunted as the orgasm took over, his seed flooding her insides.

“Close your mouth around me, baby, I’m gonna cum too. I wanna see that hot little mouth filled with it.”

Hanna pursed her lips around Paul’s cock, his hand stroking what wasn’t in her mouth and shortly the hot, salty bursts spilled onto her tongue. She gagged a little, but kept her mouth closed as his orgasm filled her mouth. When he finished, Paul slid his cock slowly from her mouth.

“Now open. Let me see it.” He was still stroking himself.

Hanna opened her mouth, displaying the load filling it for all to see. Several other passengers craned their necks to get a glimpse, their own cocks in their hands.

“Ohh, good girl. Fuck yes. Now swallow.”

Hanna closed her mouth and with the smallest amount of difficulty did as he instructed. Jack’s cock remained buried inside of her as he braced himself on the seats and attempted to catch his breath. Glancing back at Lawrence, who sat watching and stroking himself, Hanna said,
“Please tell me I get your cock in my pussy next!”

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