The Boardroom Invasion 3

The Kissing Cloud Series

Pure smut. Giving in to their most primal urges, the group held captive by the cloud finds they can’t stop what they’ve started. 

Includes M/F/F/M, M/F/M, M/M, oral, anal, spanking, mild S&M.

Andrew stood, cock in hand, yanking her panties down as far as her legs would allow. Eying the large crowd watching with rapt attention, he waisted no time in slamming his hardness into her dripping pussy, gripping her hips for leverage. Miranda returned her attention to Bethany, sliding in a third finger and lapping insistently at her clit, moaning as Andrew pounded into her hard and fast.

Alex couldn’t take his eyes off his boss, his orgasm rising quickly. Shoving his cock all the way in, he groaned loudly. Her lips tight around the base of his cock milked spurt after spurt from him and when he released her breasts to brace himself on the table, her hands came up to take their place.

When the waves of pleasure subsided, Alex stepped back, falling into his chair. Bethany gasped for air, a deliriously happy expression plastered on her flushed face. Miranda pumped her fingers into her at a steady pace, making catching her breath impossible for Bethany. She moaned against the younger woman’s pussy, thrusting back to take Andrew’s cock deeper.

Brandon and Zeke had found their rhythm with long, hard thrusts. Supporting herself with her hands, Joscelin’s breasts swung and bounced with each one, a look of pure bliss on her face. Brandon managed to capture one of her nipples in his teeth, causing her to yelp. Suckling to relieve the pain, he took the other in his hand, fondling her roughly.

“Oh god, do it again!” She moaned, lowering herself to give him better access.

“What, bite these perfect nipples?” He murmured, never releasing the one in his mouth.


Brandon dug his teeth into her tender flesh, eliciting a low scream. Not releasing the first, he pinched the other between his fingers and pulled. Joscelin’s entire body trembled as pleasure and pain overwhelmed her senses.

Reaching between her legs from behind, Zeke found her clit and began rubbing, changing his thrusts to short and deep. Brandon bit down harder. Her eyes rolled back and a primal scream escaped as she climaxed. Her convulsions only caused Brandon to pull harder on her nipples, drawing out the orgasm.

Anton, having already spent himself in Nathaniel’s mouth, found that just like his partner, his erection wouldn’t go away. Wiggling his eyebrows playfully, Nathaniel brought his knees to his chest, spreading himself in invitation. Still damp from their earlier activities, Anton gladly accepted, thrusting in fast and deep.

Nathaniel’s back arched, making a deep, animalistic sound as he was filled. Wrapping his legs around Anton’s waist, Nathaniel pulled him down, their lips locked once more in a passionate kiss.

Reaching forward, Andrew grabbed Miranda’s bra and pulled it up, digging his fingers into her soft flesh. The arm she’d been supporting herself started to give out, forcing her to remove her fingers from their task. Bethany whimpered, but when she realized what happened quickly flipped onto her back, swinging around so her hips were at the edge of the table.

Alex stared, captivated by her puffy, soaking wet pussy. His cock twitched, reminding him that he too was still hard. In seconds, he was between her legs, running the tip up and down her wetness.

“Please, Alex, put it in!” She pleaded.

He slid the first inch in, holding himself still and giving her a wicked grin as he felt her muscles contract, trying to draw him deeper.

“Oh god, please!”

She attempted to wiggle towards him to take more only to find herself pinned to the table by Miranda. Pressing one nipple into Bethany’s mouth, she looked up at Alex and winked. He pressed into her little by little, holding her trembling legs spread and occasionally running his thumb across her clit.

Bethany latched onto Miranda’s nipple, sucking and tugging, her desperate moans barely muffled. When he was buried in her to the hilt, Alex leaned across and captured Miranda’s chin with his hand, kissing her hard.

“Thanks for the help.” He whispered when their lips parted.

Before he could pull away, she caught his hair in her hand and pulled him in for another deep kiss. Behind her, Andrew pulled out of her pussy, sliding his cock up and down between her cheeks which he held spread wide. He sunk his cock into her pussy one more time, then before she knew what was happening, slammed himself into her ass.

Miranda screamed against Alex’s lips yet she did not struggle. Andrew began with long strokes, pulling out to the tip and slamming back into her, keeping her cheeks spread wide. Bethany stretched out a hand to find the older woman’s clit, rubbing frantically. Alex pulled himself away from the kiss, finally beginning to take Bethany in earnest.

“Don’t you dare stop rubbing her pussy, Bethany. Don’t you fucking dare.”

Beside them, Joscelin collapsed on top of Brandon, unable to support herself any longer, undulating against the cocks still filling her. Pulling his hand out from between them, Zeke wrapped one in her hair, pulling her head up slightly.

“We’re not done with you yet!” He growled.

“Good!” Joscelin gasped.

Releasing her hair, Zeke brought his hand down on one rounded half of her backside. Joscelin let out a shuddering moan. He repeated the swat on the other side and her writhing picked up speed.

“Harder, baby!” She moaned.

The harder Zeke smacked her ass, the more she fucked them back, until neither of them had to do much. Pushing herself back up, Joscelin lost herself completely when Brandon reached up to renew his assault on her tender nipples.

“Not…so fast! He grunted. “You keep doing that, I’m gonna cum!”

“I don’t care! Fucking do it!”

Brandon’s hips bucked, driving his cock even deeper inside her, his hands crushing her breasts and Zeke still raining swats across her backside.

“Oh yeah! You ready? You want it?” Brandon was right on the edge.

“Fuck yes!”

Joscelin pressed herself down on him, grinding, depleting what control he had left until with a loud, low moan the orgasm overtook him. Taking advantage of her position, Zeke spread her cheeks and pounded into her as fast as he could with his fingers digging into

the small bruises he’d left.

“Oh fuck, Jos, your ass is so damn tight! Ready for another load? Cause I’m gonna -” Zeke’s words turned to primal moans when it hit, ripping through him. He slammed in all the way, bracing himself on the table as his load emptied into her willing body.

“Yes! Ohh, give it to me! Gimmie more!” Joscelin squeezed her hand between her and Brandon to rub her clit, screaming as another orgasm overtook her. This one left her barely conscious, mumbling incoherently, yet neither man could bring himself to pull out. Zeke stroked her back, Brandon kissing her tenderly, content to simply remain how they were. They moved slightly from time to time, small moans escaping as pleasure held them captive.

Not long after their passionate cries died down Miranda’s filled the room, the combination of Andrew’s cock pounding her ass and Bethany’s hand on her clit sending her soaring. Bethany’s eager mouth alternated between her nipples, sucking, licking and nibbling at them. Between her legs, Alex thrust hard and deep, though he couldn’t ignore the urge to take her ass.

No woman had ever let him do that, and he was dying to know what it felt like. Bethany cried out in dismay when he pulled out.

“Ever had anything here?” He asked, running the tip over her puckered hole.

Bethany shook her head.

“Want me to fuck you there?”

“I don’t care, just put your cock back in me!”

In one steady, slow stroke, Alex pushed past her defenses to bury himself in her ass, Miranda pressing her breast into Bethany’s mouth to stifle her scream. The tightness was unbelievable. Remaining still, he took her clit between two fingers, rolling and pinching it. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, he found her even wetter than when he’d been fucking her there.

“God damn, feels like you’re really enjoying having my cock in your ass.”

Miranda back off to allow her to answer.

“It feels so huge!” Bethany gasped, straining to look at him.

His eyes glued to her face, Alex pulled back and slammed into her. Her eyes went wide, another scream escaping. The internal convulsions told him she was climaxing hard. Rubbing her clit, he repeated the action, her body giving way to him a little more. He wanted to take his time, to really enjoy her tightness around him, but Alex couldn’t control himself. Using her thighs for leverage, he ravaged her, thrusting in to the hilt every time.

Miranda fell to the table, narrowly avoiding landing on Bethany, her cheek pressed to its smooth surface. Her entire body was wracked with an intense orgasm, yet Andrew didn’t stop. It wasn’t until Miranda was a twitching, drooling mess on the table before him that Andrew’s orgasm hit him. He grunted, pumping his load deep into her ass as she came one last time. When he was finished, he stumbled backwards, collapsing into his chair and staring at her bent over in front of him.

Alex and Bethany were the only two left moving.

“Rub your pussy.” He growled at her. “I wanna see you finger fuck yourself.”

Bethany sunk three fingers on one hand into her well-used hole, the other making small, rapid circles on her clit.

“Like…like that?”

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Make yourself cum. Your ass gets so much tighter when you fucking cum.”

“Are you…are you gonna cum in my ass?” She panted, on the edge.

“You want me to, baby?”

“Yes! Fuck yes, I…I want you to cum in my ass, Alex!” She screamed the last words, another orgasm hitting.

“Keep fucking that pussy then.”

Alex pounded into her with abandon, no conscious thought remaining, only primal action. He had no idea how long it lasted, only that when his final orgasm hit and he began shooting his load into her tight hole, she came hard enough that she passed out briefly, her body going limp. 

The orgasm went on for ages and when he was finally able to pull out there was no strength left in his body. His legs gave out and he fell into his chair, leaving Bethany gasping and twitching on the table. Only then did he notice the cloud vanishing back up through the air vent.

For a long while, no one moved. Eventually, Zeke pulled himself from Joscelin, helping her up, Brandon’s cock popping out as he did. One by one, they began searching for their clothing, clumsily pulling it back on. The cloud left them drained, in a haze and not a word was exchanged between them.

With dusk coming through the windows, Alex knew it was past time to go home. Not bothering to collect his things that had been pushed to the floor, he was the first to leave the office, stumbling through the park to get back to his apartment. 

Strange didn’t begin to cover the events of his day. With Brenna, as soon as he’d climaxed, his mind began to clear and his arousal to subside. But once things began in the boardroom, it seemed as though nothing they did could truly satiate their lust. The cloud held complete control, keeping them hard or wet, eager for each other. He didn’t know where the cloud had gone, but he doubted he’d seen the last of it. 

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